House System

The school has well integrated house system under which all competitions are conducted. It promotes the qualities of leadership, term effort, group loyalty and competitive spirit. The school has four houses. The students are encouraged to participate in various activities in their respective houses such as debates, declamation, story telling, skits, recitation etc.

Baal-Sabha is conducted on every Saturday for house activities also the zero period is assigned for various activities in which each and every students participates. This gives them a chance to stimulate their creative urge.

The activities are as follows :
Yoga, Children Band, Cooking, Aerobics, Wall Painting, Commercial Art, Stuffed toys Making, Tie and Dye, Paper sculpture, Fabric painting, Flower making, Classical dance, Instrumental and Vocal musical, Basket Ball, Carom, Kho-Kho & Badminton, students are taught to make article out of waste materials. The names of houses and their dress codes.

Kalpna Red
Pratibha Black
Sarojni Green
Indira White
Plastic batches are to be attached according to the colour of the name of the respectivehouses or as per announcement.